Custom made tank and fast delivery

Every piece of equipment manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins can be customised to meet your specific requirements. They are fully configurable using a range of equipment and accessories. In addition, we maintain an extensive inventory to meet orders for the most popular models who will generaly be delivered within a period of 24 hours.

Demanding tests

Tank manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins meet all the required standards and certifications.

Mobile Tank :

  • CAN/CGSB-43.146 (UN issued standard)
  • Quality system certified ISO 9001:2015

Stationnary Tank :

  • ULC

During design phase, each tank model is subject to many destructive test (vibration, reversal, high pressure, ...) to evaluate is resistance and ensure they will pass the test of time.

In addition, during production, each tank is subjected to a set of inspection checks (measurements, pressure, vacuum, ...) to ensure compliance. The whole process is guided by an quality assurance objective for the customer.


The greatest attention is paid to the tanks finish as it ensure its sustainability.

Aboveground tank :

All of our aboveground tanks are epoxy primed and painted with urethane. This catalyzed paint is more resistant to UV, abrasion and rust as solvents based paints.

The quality of the finish is regularly checked through scratches tests and thickness inspections.

A great choice of colours is available.

Underground tank :

Underground tanks are treated with CorroCote, a product applied directly to metal surfaces in a single layer wich provides a long-term resistance against corrosive environments and stress caused by the soil.


Pour le transport (camionnette, camion fermé et remorque) de produits pétroliers directement sur votre site.


Réservoirs stationnaires extérieurs pour le stockage des produits pétroliers.


Un réservoir souterrain avec double paroi pour tout produit pétrolier.


Réservoirs stationnaires intérieurs (ou extérieurs) pour produits pétroliers.


Une multitude d'accessoires et d'options sont disponibles pour configurer votre réservoir selon vos besoins.