Trépigneuse conçue par Desjardins.
Trepigneuse made by Desjardins.

Circa 1865, Charles Alfred Roy also know as Desjardins, son of a sailor family, was making the final tune up to a stationnary thresher mill. Many inventors before him tried with little success to build a machine able to separate the grains from the ear. The thresher designed by Desjardins was able to do the job and had also an innovative function : it was also able to winnow the grain.

The Desjardins' thresher mill was a mechanized way to do two steps of a before tedious work : the threshing, traditionnaly made by hand, using a flail to separage the grain from the ear and the winnowing, also made by hand, to remove the chaff and dirt by throwing the grain into the air and allowing the wind to blow away impurities.

By the same time, Desjardins began building horse treadmill to provide the mechanical energy required by is new machines. Those invention came at the right moment : rural quebec's farming was beginning to mechanize and the demand for machines was important.

In 1911, the Saint-André-de-Kamouraska's manufacture began the production of a stationnary gasoline motor. To cast the required parts, a foundry was opened.

Since then, even if the company is still manufacturing farming and sawmill equipment, it specialized itself in the production of tanks for petroleum products. The production at Les Industries Desjardins Lted can be divided into for categories :

  • Steel tanks;
  • Farming equipments;
  • Sawmill equipments;
  • Industrial equipments.