Fuel TanksUnderground

An underground tank with double wall for any petroleum product. The vacuum between the two walls demonstrates the seal of the tank.

  • Supplied with protection anode ensuring corrosion resistance.
  • Can be compartmented for the storage of gasoline and diesel in the same tank.
  • Possibility of installing a pump station for a quick and easy refueling.
  • Management system provided to identify each vehicle consumption.

Certification :

Certification CAN/ULC-S603.1
Capacity 1 115 liters [245 UK gallons]
to 105 732 liters [23 258 UK gallons]
Smallest model Ø 38" ID x 30 11/16" ID
Biggest model Ø 118" ID x 590" ID
Number and sort
of opening
Configuration Horizontal cylinder
Cathodic protection Included
Normal venting Included
Emergency vent Included
Double wall Included
Simple wall Upon request(for non-oil product)
Accessories Upon request