Our ProductsOil Separator

An oil separator to isolate oil from wastewater.

The water-oil separators manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins Ltd are the only steel separators in the world to be CAN/ULC-S656 listed. In addition, this manufacturing standard for water/oil separators is the only certification that is recognized by the authority having jurisdiction across Canada. Our water-oil separators offer the best performance of hydrocarbons separation in water on the market. Although the CAN/ULC-S656 standard requires performance below 15PPM at the outlet, the ULC certification tests have revealed a hydrocarbons volume in the water well below 5PPM for an influential of 2000PPM. The wateroil separators manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins Ltd are therefore your logical choice for your mechanical workshop, car wash, parking lot, gas station, oil depot or other facilities.

  • CAN/ULC-S656 Listed
  • Separates from the water all hydrocarbons with a specific gravity between 0.82 and 0.88
  • For aboveground or underground installation
  • All models are available single or double wall separator
  • Water treatment rate up to 1000 Imperial gallons per minute
  • Filter media easy to remove, to clean and reusable to infinity
  • Solids accumulation chamber